HybriDfMA hyTower® Systems

HybriDfMA hyTower Systems by PCE

System approach

An Offsite ‘kit of parts’ system build approach for residential multi-storey superstructures and facades encompassing the integration of preassembled M&E modules, bathroom pods, utility cupboards and partitions.

PCEs HybriDfMA hyTower construction concept

System components

hyTower component Cores

Stair/Lift Cores

PCEs hyTower Facade Solutions

Façade Solutions

hyTower component Walls and Columns

Walls and Columns

Integrated services solution

Integrated Service Solutions

hyTower component Flooring Solutions

Floor Solutions


The PCE Way

The PCE Way encompasses the key ingredients of who we are, what we do and why we deliver excellence to our clients.


PCE’s hyTower® Building System selected by Regal London for speed and quality

hyTower® Systems Projects

PCE's offsite engineered HybriDfMA structural solution

hyTower® Systems News

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