A model for success

Progress is underway for Fulton & Fifth, the exciting new London urban renewal project at Wembley. PCE Ltd has been appointed as specialist design and build contractor by property developer Regal London. PCE’s HybriDfMA hyTower® system was selected for the project due to its enhanced safety, speed, quality and value over traditional construction methods.

Set alongside the meandering Wealdstone Brook in Wembley Park, Fulton & Fifth will offer an array of apartments, luxury amenities, and landscaped gardens, interwoven with cafes, shops, and workspaces. The team behind the impressive project include Concept Architects JTP and Engineers Terrell with Quantity Surveyors GIA. Delivery design is through Ryder Architecture with Civil and Structural Engineers HDR Inc, M&E design through FHP Engineering and environmental consultants, Whitecode Design Associates.


The eye-catching Fulton & Fifth development is not the first time PCE and Regal have worked together. Enjoying success on previous projects, PCE is thrilled to continue the close collaboration with Regal. It's innovative hyTower® hi-rise residential system solution will be used once again, following the success of the Commercial Road project in Whitechapel, London. PCE also partnered with Regal on the  Grace House project, delivered using its Bespoke system. The continued working relationship is aided by a shared desire for ambitious, forward-thinking and sustainable structures, delivered quickly, safely and predictably through PCE’s innovative system build solutions and HybriDfMA (Design for Manufacture & Assembly) offsite approach.


Modern methods for mighty results

PCE’s model of combining an offsite ‘kit of parts’ philosophy with an expansive and adaptable supply chain allows it to excel in HybriDfMA system solutions. It ensures the very best component selection, configurable to clients’ project specific needs, including precast and insitu concrete, steel and timber. This hybrid model not only enhances efficiency, but sustainability too. For clients like Regal, this helps tailor approaches to select materials with optimum thermal, fire-resistant, acoustic insulation properties, vibration reduction and so on.

The ability to coordinate the logistics of a vast supply chain operation to a just-in-time model requires industry-leading digital capabilities. PCE use state-of-the-art technology and a unique digital platform to generate an interactive 3D ‘digital twin’. This visual replication tracks the real-time status of each component through Bluetooth tracking, from design through to installation. Going beyond status-tracking, PCE’s digital approach provides instantaneous insight into every component. This includes tolerances, dimensions, QA data, and the history behind each component. Doing so provides elevated certainty, predictability, and greater control throughout the entire offsite solution.


hyTower® for high quality

The benefits of the hyTower® System makes it ideal for densely populated urban areas like London. A substantial reduction in man-hours of up to 80% and up to a 50% reduction in site deliveries significantly benefits logistics, operations, and commercial aspects while shortening construction time by up to 50%. The 'baseline' model simplifies superstructure manufacturing and installation for buildings from 2 to 50 stories. Integrated facades form part of the structural system, ensuring a weather-tight building as construction progresses. This allows simultaneous progress in mechanical and electrical installations, as well as interior 'fit-out,' just two levels below that which is currently being assembled, streamlining construction and expediting the operational readiness of structures.


‘Smart Connectivity’ within the system means key components can be easily interchanged, without design changes and delays to adjacent components and connections. This allows for configurability whilst enjoying the benefits a refined, proven system build solution brings.

From a design perspective, advanced Building Information Modelling expertise and interoperable design modelling allows PCE’s highly skilled structural design team to scrutinise detailed information and explore value engineering opportunities. This reduces reinforcement content and element sizes, thus streamlining material use. Not only does this reduce waste and accelerates programme efficiency, but saves on commercial factors too, enhancing client value without sacrificing structural integrity.

What glues this altogether is a highly skilled, multidisciplinary workforce with the right behaviours, passion, drive and competencies to continuously push PCE forward, ensuring a model of continuous improvement and forward-thinking development in all areas of operation.

It is this collective commitment to innovation, digitality, continuous improvement and hybrid offsite system solutions that has seen PCE position itself at the forefront of design and build industry. It allows PCE to continue to deliver successful projects and quicker programmes in collaboration with key partners such as Regal. Fulton & Fifth demonstrates what can be achieved when like-minded partners utilise innovative systems that offer repeatable, configurable solutions that are both scalable and transferable across the industry.


Figure 1: The impressive Fulton & Fifth, delivered by PCE in partnership with Regal, using PCE's hyTower® system

Figure 2: Commercial Road, delivered by PCE in partnership with Regal, using PCE's hyTower® system

Figure 3: PCE's hyTower® system 'kit of parts'

Figure 4: Grace House, delivered by PCE in partnership with Regal, using PCE's HybriDfMA Bespoke system

Figure 5: Internal vision of Fulton & Fifth, using PCE's hyTower® system

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