When approaching matters on sustainability, PCE is at the forefront of the Offsite construction industry. All of our employees are encouraged to play their part in delivering projects with a reduced carbon footprint, from receipt of enquiries through to the final project handover.

Externally the company is collaboratively involved with industry and government research initiatives to progress new sustainability ideas and techniques. 

Carbon Conscious Expertise

Harness the power of knowledge, expertise, and carbon-reducing innovation with PCE's comprehensive system delivery. Our carbon-conscious approach is backed by extensive product and material knowledge, flexible supply chain collaborations, and detailed carbon analysis tools, including carbon calculators and heat mapping. We not only understand what drives carbon impact but also how to effectively reduce it. PCE empowers decision-makers and clients from tender to delivery, guiding them in fulfilling their carbon obligations. With our expertise, we pave the way for improved sustainability and reduced embodied carbon, from our own operations to those we engage and collaborate with.

Decarbonising DfMA Solutions

At PCE, our DfMA approach is key to helping unlock more sustainable construction. We're passionate about reducing embodied carbon, ensuring a holistic reduction in carbon emissions from design to installation. Our streamlined processes and systematic approach emphasise efficient design, minimised waste, and optimised resource usage. By using repeatable offsite manufactured components and standardised methodologies, we cut deliveries, reduce on-site activities, lessen local disturbances, and promote reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly construction. At every step, we're driving down carbon emissions and building a greener future.

Material Selection and Resource Efficiency

PCE's expertise and material flexibility drive our commitment to delivering low embodied carbon solutions without compromising quality, safety, or speed. We rigorously evaluate construction materials, including their environmental impact, manufacturing processes, longevity, and sustainable sourcing. This encompasses material performance from both environmental and efficiency perspectives, such as heat retention and air quality. Our approach not only minimizes carbon emissions during construction but also enhances long-term operational efficiency. At PCE, the right materials not only enhance design and construction but also contribute to sustainable, efficient, and eco-friendly long-term operation.

Building a Sustainable Future

At PCE, we champion a sustainable future in construction. We actively engage with local communities and charities, supporting development projects and educational opportunities within MMC and DfMA practices. From school placements to prisoner rehabilitation, we are proactive in both community support and bridging the industry skills gap.

Environmentalism is important to us. We work closely with industry experts and government initiatives to explore innovative ways to build responsibly, efficiently, and with a strong focus on environmental sustainability. Our internal carbon reduction initiatives complement these collaborative efforts, all working towards a common goal: reducing embodied carbon in construction. By prioritising reliability, safety, and speed alongside high environmental considerations, we're helping shape more efficient and sustainable construction.

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