PCE’s HybriDfMA Frame chosen for Silvertown Plot 6

PCE Ltd are delighted to be appointed as the specialist design and build contractor for Silvertown Plot 6.

Plot 6 is comprised of three 6-storey blocks for mixed-use development, covering a gross floorplate of 10,385m2. Each will consist of 5 storeys of modern, affordable residential apartments and a ground floor commercial space with an integrated car park. Led by John Sisk and Sons on behalf of clients Lendlease Development and Starwood Capital, Plot 6 marks the first phase of the extensive Silvertown regeneration. It aims to revitalise the Royal Docks into a dynamic 50-acre nexus of commerce, culture, and community. 


HybriDfMA Frame – A unique approach for residential construction

PCE will employ its HybriDfMA Frame system to swiftly, safely, and sustainably deliver Plot 6. With a controlled approach and unique supply chain model, every structural element is predetermined and pre-engineered offsite by specialists across the UK and Europe, reducing project risks and enhancing quality, speed, and efficiency. PCE accommodate increased flexibility in blending various structural materials within its ‘Kit of Parts’. For Plot 6, this includes precast concrete twin walls, steel columns, transfer beams, steel composite beams, stair and landings, and hollow-core flooring, ensuring a hybrid structure that excels in quality, aesthetics, and sustainability. Utilising cutting-edge digital tools throughout the project, PCE minimises ambiguity and maximises control, offering a transparent and calculated solution at every step. State-of-the-art interactive digital twin technology enables tracking and tracing of each component, ensuring consistent control and compliance with Golden Thread requirements. A streamlined construction phase of 17 weeks, managed by a site team of just 23, highlights the speed and efficiency of PCE's HybriDfMA system build approach. 


Leveraging Logistical Benefits

PCE's HybriDfMA system boosts quality and speed by employing offsite, pre-engineered construction. Components are designed and manufactured in advance across the UK and Europe, ensuring meticulous quality control and minimising onsite work. This includes the Integration of various elements like M&E, security, and utilities, including windows, balconies, and façades. Doing so guarantees high standards and ready-to-install components upon arrival. Arriving just-in-time, components are quickly assembled through standardised methodologies, PCE’s proven ‘smart connectivity’, and the skillset of its multidisciplined workforce. This approach not only accelerates construction but also enhances safety and reduces ambiguity. By centralising most activities away from the site, PCE achieves faster, safer, and less disruptive construction. Silvertown is located in a busy London location, with considerable movement of traffic, residents, and commuters. With the Excel Centra nearby, and London City Airport located just meters from the site, the ability to significantly reduce onsite activity, lessen site deliveries by up to 90%, and significantly reduced disturbance and noise ensures that PCE’s system build solution causes little disruption to the area, compared to traditional techniques.


Continued Collaboration

Silvertown is not the first time PCE and Lendlease have enjoyed success together. Following the success of HMP Fosse Way, in Leicester, Silvertown continues the collaborative relationship that has already generated important and impactful structures. Whilst Fosse Way was a custodial development, PCE showcased its broad experience and expertise in systemised approaches to design and build. Recognising the value and benefits this approach to construction brings, PCE were the ideal specialist contractors to help Lendlease develop their platform system approach for residential developments, which has the potential to be deployed as a standardised delivery model for Lendlease’s future portfolio.

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