At PCE, we continually drive to maximise the digitalisation of all the company’s processes. This helps to enhance efficiencies, reduce waste and enable real time, accurate and timely reporting procedures to meet client needs.

PCE’s digital approach means information across all the HybriDfMA System projects can be easily compared and evaluated, enabling future projects to be planned and delivered more efficiently. This provides sound data to back up PCE’s published performance statistics, which is important for new business development.

Real Time Collaboration & Coordination

Empowered by the latest cutting-edge digital capabilities, PCE’s digital immersion ensures heightened and powerful collaboration and coordination across all phases of project delivery. Driven by automated, real-time data, project visibility has hit new heights. Instantaneous unit tracking, informative dashboards, and intelligent digital reporting feeds into a ‘digital command centre’ that facilitates accurate, fast, and assured decision making, made at the right moments.  It ensures our operations are underpinned by digital excellence, resulting in a much more coordinated, assured, transparent, and predictable design and build solution.


Practical solutions for practical challenges

At PCE, our digital capabilities are purposefully crafted, with end-users in mind.   To ensure a seamless blend of practicality and innovation, we prioritise developing solutions that are tailored to address real-world challenges. To achieve this, in addition to involving end users, we actively seek input and guidance from industry experts and leading digital solutions providers. By consulting with those who will be using and benefitting from the technology, we guarantee that our digital advancements resonate with their needs, preferences, and expectations, resulting in a highly functional and user-friendly digital ecosystem that adds value and is readily embraced by the community it is designed for.

Golden Thread

Through intelligent API integrations, extensive digital libraries, and the embedding of state-of-the-art technology, our digital systems maintain clear and concise communication. This creates a single course of truth, guaranteeing that the captured data is accurate, up-to-date, and readily accessible, while upholding stringent security measures. This approach not only ensures crucial information is at our fingertips for swift and confident decision-making, it also facilitates seamless provision of information throughout all phases of project delivery. The result is a streamlined, data-driven approach that aligns with the Golden Thread requirements, elevating project efficiency and transparency to new heights.

The future of digital at PCE

The future of digital at PCE is driven by our enthusiastic digital team and unwavering dedication to continuous development. Combining expertise with entrepreneurialism we continue to innovate digitally. We’re committed to embracing advancing capabilities to evolve and enhance our operational efficiency and overall offering.

We firmly believe that the adoption of advancing digital technologies and further platform integration will continue to propel us forward, improving efficiencies, speed, safety, and predictability across all project phases. Our digital journey is far from over, and we are excited by the possibilities that the ever-evolving digital landscape presents.

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