PCE’s hyTower® ‘kit of parts’ system build approach recognised

The prestigious 2022 Tall Buildings Awards have once again shown that PCE Ltd is leading the field in high rise construction, by being the Best Tall Building Technology Innovation Award Winner for their hyTower®  buildings system approach, which was developed in partnership with Curtin’s Consulting Engineers with a focus on offsite DfMA and digital asset tracking.

The Awards ceremony took place in London at the Tall Buildings Conference.

Based on a ‘kit of parts’ philosophy, hyTower®  enables a fast design and build approach for buildings up to 50 storeys tall providing a complete structural frame with integral core, internal walls, bathroom and other service pods and an integral façade.


High quality offsite production


The hyTower®  design process results in rapid high quality offsite production of both precast concrete and structural steelwork components that form the structural tower alongside the chosen façade solution and bathroom/service pods, which are then delivered on a planned just in time delivery basis to enable the component parts to be quickly and safely assembled on site.

The complete design, manufacture and assembly processes use innovative linked Digital working practices to ensure product asset tracking, quality, cost, logistics and productivity gains – thus ensuring that hyTower® provides best value to the client.

Further information about the award winning hyTower® system can be found in the 54 page brochure HybriDfMA hyTower® System overview.

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