HybriDfMA Living Systems

HybriDfMA hyTower Systems by PCE
Living Systems construction system by PCE Ltd

System approach

Delivering modern functional living space with inherent fire and sound resistance, whilst minimising operational energy requirements, by value proven Offsite manufactured HybriDfMA ‘kitofparts’ solutions.

PCEs Living construction system

System components

Living component Facade Solutions

Façade Solutions

Living Component Solid Wall

Solid Wall

Living component Stairs and Landings

Stairs and Landings

Living component Floor Solutions

Floor Solutions

Living Component Integrated Service Solutions

Integrated Service Solutions


The PCE Way

The PCE Way encompasses the key ingredients of who we are, what we do and why we deliver excellence to our clients.


PCEs completed Living Systems construction projects

Living Systems Projects

East Village NO.6 project by PCE Ltd

Living Systems News

More HybriDfMA system options

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Secure – Prisons

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