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Bedfordshire Police Custody Suite

Bedfordshire Police Custody Suite – design and manufacture process behind successful project completion

Consulting Engineers

BJB Consultancy


Norr Architects Limited

Main Contractor

Wilmott Dixon


Ministry of Justice

The Design and Manufacture stages for the custody suite facilities for Bedfordshire Police at Woburn Road, Bedford, which led to PCE Ltd’s 10 day on-site build programme to assemble the 22 holding cells in 3 wings along with associated spaces within the charge area, working with Main Contractor Willmott Dixon, once again proved the efficiency of the PCE HybriDfMA Secure Custody System approach.

Developed and refined over many years to maximise the many benefits of offsite manufacturing and onsite assembly efficiency the all-important police cells of the Secure Custody System are based on Design for Manufacture and Assembly, (DfMA), principals using a common ‘kit of parts’ of components.

State of the art digital design processes have been standardised for every PCE Custody Suite project thus ensuring for example that all temporary works risks are fully evaluated so that actions that can be taken offsite prior to delivery, such as the fixing of temporary hole covers, and handrail connections, etc, are achieved to negate such works on site thus improving the construction efficiency.


PCE’s approach and provision of safety-critical paperwork and processes were utilised by Wilmot Dixon to set the standard by which other subcontractors were also expected to provide on future projects.


PCE’s team were commended by Wilmot Dixons COO and MD as to ‘ the quality of product, engineered design, organisation of your team and most impressively, the team spirit and moral. ‘ 


PCE delivered and erected a 22-cell custody suite with three wings in only eight days which included twenty-eight duct walls, sixty-three precast walls and twenty-eight roof slabs.


The scheme took benefit from PCE’s ‘kit of parts’ approach to delivering the custody suite cells with its standard modular precast concrete wall and floor components which are configured to suit the specific needs of the project.

PCE System Used

Secure - Custody

Systemised DfMA delivery of cellular custody structures

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