Paradise update 15 – combined lift and stair cores

Offsite engineered precast concrete modular units

PCE Ltd are currently working on the 17 acre Paradise redevelopment project with a contract value approaching £5 million to design and build a two storey Hybrid structural frame at the Birmingham city centre location.

The hybrid structure will provide a suspended car park level below a podium level that will form the ground floor of two new office buildings, Number 1 and Number 2, Chamberlain Square. The upper level deck structure will provide the surrounding public realm areas around the buildings linking into the existing landscaping of Chamberlain Square and forming a link between the Square and Broad Street.


The Paradise Birmingham website describes the project as the most important development outside London in the UK:

"Paradise will be one of the biggest development schemes Birmingham has seen for a generation and will dramatically transform this whole area of the city."


About PrefastCore

Suitable for all types of structural frames, PreFastCore provides safe and easy access for site personnel to different floor levels during the construction programme as well as providing a cost effective means of transferring lateral loads to the foundations.


Latest project images

A live camera feed and monthly video progress report can be found on the Paradise Birmingham website.

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