PreFastCore® – Modular Core Construction

PreFastCore precast concrete modular units

PreFastCore®, available from PCE Ltd, is the ideal system for constructing structural lift, stair and combined lift and stair cores, using offsite engineered precast concrete modular units, providing rapid and safe on site erection to full height.

Suitable for all types of structural frames PreFastCore® provides safe and easy access for site personnel to different floor levels during the construction programme as well as providing a cost effective means of transferring lateral loads to the foundations.


PreFastCore® modules are delivered to site on a ’just in time basis’ using suitable articulated lorries.

When the core footprint is too large for single modules to be transported they can be cast in sections to facilitate delivery.


PCE Ltd will erect the units using their own in-house highly trained erectors, construction plant equipment. Each PreFastCore® contract is fully planned by experienced and directly employed well qualified personnel to ensure fast on site programmes are met without compromising safety.

Rapid Full Height Construction

With a 9 x 3.5 metre core footprint it is possible to construct in excess of 3.5m core height per day.

This includes the installation of stairs and landings as required.

Precision Moulds

PreFastCore® units are manufactured using a purpose designed complex fully adjustable moulds system to ensure maximum variation in core sizes that can be cast with emphasis on dimensional accuracy.

Quality Manufacture

All precast concrete components are manufactured under stringent quality control procedures for PCE Ltd.

Temporary safety balustrading is provided to ensure safe use of the PreFastCore® during main structural frame erection.

The high quality concrete used enables internal wall finishes to be left as struck or directly painted.

PreFastCore in action