PreFastCore: structural core offsite capability made available to contractors

Full design and build solution for new build and refurbishment projects

PCE Ltd have entered into a joint investment agreement with concrete precaster Shay Murtagh to offer a full design and build solution for forming lift, lift & stair or stair only structural cores for multi storey buildings.

Not only will PCE be using the new PreFastCore structural cores for its own projects, but also will be offering all types of structural frame contractors a full design and build offsite engineered solution service - for both new build and refurbishment projects.


Less on site time - safe and easy access

Rapid on site erection to full height prior to the rest of the structural frame being erected ensures reduced overall frame erection times, safe and easy site personel access to the different floor levels as the building is constructed as well as providing a cost effective means of transferring lateral loads to the foundations. The first bespoke designed mould to meet PCE's requirements is now in production producing one core unit per day and is consistent with the growth plan of the company in offering alternative offsite engineered solutions to the construction industry.


About Shay Murtagh

Over four decades Shay Murtagh Precast has become one of the leading manufacturers of precast concrete products in the UK and Ireland. They specialise in pre-stressed and precast concrete products, including bespoke products, bridge beams, concrete storage tanks, culverts and tunnel segments.

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