How the "kit of parts" offsite engineering approach provides structural solutions for smaller buildings

Advantages of HybriDfMA construction for smaller sized buildings is beyond doubt

A recent article in Concrete Magazine featured an innovative two storey off-site engineered hybrid concrete structure constructed in Durham provides a new data, IT and marketing office for City Electrical Factors (CEF).

For the building, which has a 2100m² plan area, FaulknerBrowns Architects chose structural concrete as the principal construction material, including the roof structure. Main contractor Sir Robert McAlpine won the tender competition to bring the design to life and PCE Ltd put forward an off- site engineered hybrid structural design, using its ‘kit of parts’ approach to develop a bespoke solution that met the overall design requirements for the project. The hybrid concrete frame has enabled the architect to achieve both functionality and aesthetic excellence


The kit of parts advantage

The advantages of this approach are clear, according to the article, which "...reduces the need to start each project design from scratch and using, where possible, standardised sections."
"This provides a low-waste, fast programme and cost-efficient approach."

The PreFastCore stair unit on the right was erected to full height at the start of the construction process

PCE’s PreFastCore modular system was used for the two lift and stair cores which "provided a safe, fast and dimensionally accurate solution, erected full height at the start of the construction process, which gave stability to the structure as well as providing safe access for construction personnel to the first-floor level as work proceeded."


Flooring and roofing

PCE's GT flooring system was utilised for the precast concrete flooring and roofing units according to the report,

"...which was initially developed to provide a long (up to 16m), clear-span option for car parks and has been extensively used for such."

View down the central atrium, 15m-wide structure to the left, 9m-wide structure to the right; the GT floor link bridge is in the distance.


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