Superstructure commences on UK’s first all-electric prison

PCE are pleased to have commenced superstructure construction on HMP Millsike, for which PCE Ltd has been appointed superstructure and façade delivery partner by Kier.

The Ministry of Justice project once again sees PCE’s award winning HybriDfMA Secure Prison System being used, following the successful completion of HMP Five Wells, at Wellingborough and HMP Fosse Way, Glen Parva.


Following the installation of the precast ground beam substructure and subsequent trade groundworks, PCE can commence the superstructure phase of works, which sees the construction of 6 Houseblocks, a Care and Separation Unit (CASU) and an Entrance Building using precast sandwich panels and floor units.


The construction phase will see the onsite installation of the near 12,500 offsite manufactured units, complete with over 55,000 free issue casting components. These are preassembled and cast into precast units in controlled factory environments to agreed specifications, catering for specific M&E and security components.


With each houseblock typically complete within 12 weeks, PCE’s construction of HMP Millsike is expected to take around 60 weeks. Just 70 personnel make up the installation team, a significant reduction compared to the manpower required for traditional construction methodologies. Not only does the use of PCE’s HybriDfMA Secure Prison system drastically reduce the number of required personnel to install the houseblock, it allows for a repeatable model benefitting from continuous improvement and refinement. This, coupled with a highly skilled, multidisciplinary workforce well equipped and experienced in Secure Prison delivery, allows for an efficient, fast, and predictable installation programme.


PCE’s emphasis on information and its adherence to a detailed, accessible and informative ‘golden thread’ system means comprehensive drawings created during the design phases are complete with every required detail in a digestible format. This means that the installation crews have a full understanding of the processes and procedures, maximizing safety, speed and efficiency whilst significantly reducing risk. This, coupled with the use of Ynomia, a state-of-the-art digital platform that creates an interactive 3D digital twin model, allowing for instantaneous real-time tracking through the latest Bluetooth technology, creates a model of enhanced transparency, clarity and predictability. All units are tracked throughout the design, manufacture and construction phase. From a construction-focused perspective, this means units are tracked from the moment they leave the factory through to the moment they are installed in their correct locations on site, providing a constant and clear view of development as the building is constructed.

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