University of Warwick update 2 - the Offsite Engineered HybriDfMA frame system

Work underway on the £54m research building

Construction is underway at the University of Warwick, where PCE is providing the structural frame for the new £54m state of the art five storey research building utilising its Offsite Engineered HybriDfMA frame system.


The team have commenced installing some of the nine-metre-high architecturally finished pre-cast concrete Auditorium and Core wall panels.

These walls have been cast using a Reckli form liner system to produce wave and board marked effects to the surface of the panels, giving a high quality exposed concrete finish, being applied to both sides of the units in some areas.

These exposed finishes will form an important architectural feature in various areas within the building including the café area, the auditorium and around the cores. 


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