Offsite construction quality checking procedures for Biomedical Research Building

Rigorous standard testing procedures

Thorough quality checking of Offsite engineered components is an essential feature of PCE Ltd's HybriDfMA construction approach. Frequent validations help ensure that the client's and PCE's expectations of high standards are continually maintained. 

PCE’s Design, Manufacture and Construction Coordinator Jordan Shaw regularly spends time in the offsite manufacturing facility, carrying out rigorous standard testing procedures on the components that will be delivered and installed at the University of Warwick Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Building. A recent National Quality Audit carried out by the Main Contractor for the project, Willmott Dixon Construction, included an inspection of the manufacturing and construction quality systems and procedures put in place by PCE and its supplier, resulting in a score of 98.3% being achieved. The score is a reflection of both the thorough quality assurance and checking procedures carried out within the Offsite manufacturing facility, along with the exceptional quality management and assurance by the construction team on-site.


PCE’s Design, Manufacture and Construction Coordinator Jordan Shaw commented:

“Throughout the country for all of our Willmott Dixon projects as well as other PCE contracts, we have Precast Coordinators and engineers like myself who regularly check precast components at manufacturing facilities. The checking procedure takes place starting from the design stages, checking that the fabricated reinforcement cages accurately conform to the requirements of the design drawings, as well as Pre and Post concrete pour inspections to really ensure that the required accuracy and quality is achieved throughout all of the manufacturing stages.” 


Jordan recently appeared in Willmott Dixon’s video Get it right - offsite which focusses on offsite construction product quality management for the University of Warwick’s Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Building.

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