Chapel Wharf update 13 – the top 5 offsite construction advantages

Crosswall construction with precast concrete

Construction work by PCE Ltd is progressing at an impressive pace on the site of developer Dandara's nine hundred and ninety five build-to-rent apartment scheme at Chapel Wharf in Salford.

PCE worked with Sir Robert McAlpine during the tender period to develop the offsite design and build solution for the four high rise apartment blocks that comprise the development: they range from thirteen to twenty three storeys in height.


Offsite construction advantages

The methodologies being utilised by PCE are providing very significant benefits:

  1. PCE's method of offsite manufacture reduces the on-site workforce
  2. Health and Safety is greatly enhanced
  3. Enhanced construction speed dramatically reduces overall build times
  4. The build quality is of a much higher standard as units are produced in factory controlled conditions
  5. There is a considerable environmental benefit from the reduction in the scheme’s carbon footprint.


Crosswall construction

Each block is being built in crosswall construction with precast concrete being used for the crosswalls, cores, balconies, solid floor slabs, stairs and landings, with architectural precast concrete sandwich panels used to clad the structures.


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