Leeds University update 5 – ground floor level completed

PCE completes ground floor level of Sir William Henry Bragg Building

The suspended Hybrid ground floor structure has been completed at the The Sir William Henry Bragg Building at the University of Leeds.

When the insitu poured concrete element reached the required strength, it enabled the ground floor to provide the necessary diaphragm action to support the contiguous piled basement walls. The large complex struts that provided temporary support were removed.


Removal of the struts

The struts were lowered onto the basement slab by four separate electric hoist blocks with chains passing through holes left in the ground floor. The struts were then dismantled into sections for safe removal by being lifted from the basement through an opening in the ground floor by the site tower crane. Construction above ground floor has commenced with precast concrete twin wall elements and the first level of PreFastCore boxes, all part of PCE’s HybriDfMA Offsite engineered structural solution for this exciting project. 
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