Paradise update 11 - focus on hybrid concrete construction

Images show hybrid concrete construction techniques

PCE Ltd were awarded the contract by Main Contractor Carillion for the hybrid structure at Paradise in Birmingham, which will provide a suspended car park level below a podium level that will form the ground floor of two new office buildings, Number 1 and Number 2, Chamberlain Square. 

Over 2,500 precast concrete and structural steel components manufactured offsite will be erected by PCE’s highly qualified on site team to form the Hybrid structure which PCE are delivering on a design and build basis.


About Hybrid construction

The Concrete Society refers to Hybrid construction as follows:

"Hybrid construction is generally taken to be the combination of in situ concrete with precast concrete units, such as in situ columns with precast floor slabs and vice versa. The selection of the appropriate construct method will depend on many factors, such as the required surface finish, speed of construction, access etc."


The Concrete Centre website highlights many of the benefits of Hybrid concrete construction:

"Hybrid concrete construction is able to offer greater speed, quality and overall economy on a project."

"The use of concrete has additional benefits in assessing whole-life costs, a factor important to owner-occupiers and PFI operators. For example, the thermal mass of concrete can moderate energy demands in cooling and heating buildings."

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