Chapel Wharf update 12 – external sandwich panels and pre-stressed floor units

Lower roof levels on two blocks now complete

PCE Ltd has been employed as the specialist design and build contractor for the four tower blocks of the Chapel Wharf residential project, which is located in Manchester.

The offsite engineered solution adopted by PCE includes the external architectural precast concrete cladding panels, which have had glazing pre-installed at the production factory - enabling the fit out of the units to follow on closely behind the construction. The lower roof levels on blocks A and B are now intact: these buildings will be structurally complete when the two final levels have been added.

External sandwich unit are being lifted into position on block D. The resulting wall will help form the lift shafts for the building.

 A pre-glazed balcony being lifted in to position on Block D. This is an 8 point lift and the unit weighs over 12 tonnes To date there have been an average of thirty two deliveries a day of offsite engineered precast concrete units, which are being erected by four tower cranes. The residential project for developer Dandara and main contractor Sir Robert McAlpine will consist of four tower blocks of varying heights from 15 to 23 storeys. 

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