Dakota Hotel update 5 - level 1 walls installed and complete

First floor hotel bedrooms on view at Manchester Hotel

Offsite engineered precast floors and walls have now been added by PCE Ltd to level one of the nine storey 5 star deluxe hotel of the Dakota Boutique Hotel chain which is currently under construction in Manchester.

The first image shows a first floor wall being installed as part of the fire escape Core 2. The first floor layout is now nearing completion and individual hotel bedrooms can clearly be seen. Dakota Deluxe Manchester will be one of the luxury hotels developed by the company, being designed specifically for city centre locations in the UK, and will feature a cocktail bar, restaurant grill and terraces for guests facing in the direction of the water of Piccadilly Basin.



PCE is responsible for the design and build of the superstructure, using their well proven offsite engineering Hybrid approach, with the structural stability to both the lower steel frame and upper concrete construction being provided by the stair and lift shaft cores being constructed using PCE’s PreFastCore system. It's the ideal system for constructing structural lift, stair and combined lift and stair cores, using offsite engineered precast concrete modular units, providing rapid and safe on site erection to full height. PreFastCore provides safe and easy access for site personnel to different floor levels during the construction programme as well as providing a cost effective means of transferring lateral loads to the foundations.

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