Dakota Hotel update 4 - 4.4m wide precast flooring unit arrives on site

Offsite engineered hybrid structure in Manchester

A 4.4 metre wide, 180mm thick precast offsite produced solid RC flooring unit has just been delivered and installed at the new Dakota Hotel in the north of England. 

PCE Ltd have been appointed by GMI Construction Group PLC to design and build an offsite engineered structural Hybrid frame for the nine storey 5 star deluxe hotel for the Dakota Boutique Hotel chain which is being built on Ducie Street in Manchester. Above the steel frame PCE, are providing a podium slab, from which the Hybrid concrete structure is constructed. The hotel is being built with concrete crosswalls, PreFastCore and architecturally finished brick faced sandwich panels. PreFastCore modules are delivered to site on a 'just in time basis’ using suitable articulated lorries. PreFastCore units are manufactured using a purpose designed complex fully adjustable moulds system, to ensure maximum variation in core sizes that can be cast with emphasis on dimensional accuracy. Normally reinforced precast concrete floor units with a factory finished floor surface are also being utilised.


About the new Dakota Hotel

The forthcoming 137 bedroom luxury hotel is located in Manchester's Piccadilly Basin and will incorporate 20 suites.

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