Commercial Road hyTower® Hotel Structure

PCE’s hyTower® Building System selected by Regal London for speed and quality

PCE Ltd has been appointed by property developer Regal London to design and build an offsite engineered HybriDfMA structural solution using their Trademark protected hyTower® Building System for a 14 storey aparthotel in Whitechapel, London, that will be leased to the StayCity Wilde hotel chain.

Stage 3 design of the project has been completed by London based design consultants LSI Architects and Terrell Group structural engineers on behalf of Regal London. hyTower® is the client’s preferred System to provide the structural frame and building envelope for the project, providing the client with a HybriDfMA approach, delivering speed, quality and a safe construction method by the PCE in house multi skilled site team. PCE’s hyTower® System approach has a proven track record for inner city construction utilising the benefits gained with a ‘kit of parts’ approach with multiple offsite engineered components assembled together either pre-delivery to site, or on site. The System has already been used to provide structural frames to a height of 66 metres, and is also suitable for taller projects.


The hyTower® Building System

The hyTower® Building System comprises of a mix of structural precast concrete and steel components including columns, walls, prestressed concrete solid floor slabs, stairs and landings. The architectural finished brick-faced sandwich wall units that form the building’s envelope will have all windows and glazing installed prior to their delivery. All of the hyTower® component parts are structurally connected on site to the highest of quality standards using tried, tested and fully approved details, products and procedures.


Once completed the apart hotel will contain 156 bedrooms over thirteen levels with the Ground Floor being used as recreational areas for the users of the building. This project will be the second Wilde Chain Aparthotel in the centre of London and will feature a café, gym and facilities in each bedroom to cater for long and short stay guests. Inspired by the wit and wisdom of Oscar Wilde, each apartment will be carefully curated in the most considered and creative way that’s stylish, sophisticated, playful, practical, unique in personality and alive with Irish spirit.


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