SlingSafe by PCE Ltd – safe delivery and unloading

SlingSafe safe unloading for personnel in Construction

Key features

  • Designed specifically for vehicle loading and offloading operations
  • Fail-safe dual harness system
  • Unhindered movement for operatives
  • Operational in just one hour from delivery
  • Easily re-locatable around the site
  • Purpose-designed for construction sector
  • Available for hire including operative training.

Designed in accordance with BS EN 795 Class B.

Manufactured in accordance with N.S.S. specification.

Simple 10 stage setup

SlingSafe is a patented safety system that provides efficient offloading and prevents site personnel from falls from the delivery vehicle.

Designed and engineered wholly in the UK, SlingSafe features a unique dual boom and dual safety harness system to prevent slips and falls.

  1. SlingSafe arriving on site
  2. Offloading – Hiab or crane
  3. Preparing for boom installation
  4. Install boom 1
  5. Fix boom at flange section
  6. Fix boom 2
  7. Prepare to lift for leg assembly
  8. Assemble legs
  9. Position as required
  10. SlingSafe ready for work.
  • 1) SlingSafe arriving on site
  • 2) Offloading SlingSafe by Hiab or crane
  • 3) Preparing for SlingSafe boom installation
  • 4) Install SlingSafe boom 1
  • 5) Fix SlingSafe boom at flange section
  • 6) Fix boom 2 of SlingSafe
  • 7) Prepare to lift for leg assembly of SlingSafe
  • 8) Assemble legs on SlingSafe unit
  • 9) Position SlingSafe as required
  • 10) SlingSafe is ready for work

How SlingSafe makes vehicle offloading easier – and safer

Innovative Slingsafe draws upon the company’s 50 years’ experience of the UK construction industry and has been designed to eliminate falls and subsequent injuries suffered during loading or offloading.

With many of all reportable UK work-related accidents occurring near vehicles, PCE believes the system has the potential to reduce injuries and fatalities across many industries.

The revolutionary Slingsafe features two rotating booms which can be extended over any large open delivery vehicle.

Both booms can be adjusted for height and length to cater for all loads and situations.

Personnel are secured to the booms via a pulley system and fail-safe fall arrest device – much like an inertia reel seatbelt – which automatically locks and prevents a fall, should the wearer slip or stumble during loading or unloading operations.

A secondary safety cord can be adjusted personally by the operative to ensure that the boom to which they are attached follows them as they move about the vehicle.

Operatives are clipped on from the rear, allowing them unhindered movement during loading procedures, the safety lines only locking during sudden movement akin to that caused by a slip, fall or stumble.

Access to the lorry trailer is provided by strategically placed gateways in the platform safety rails and the height of the whole structure can be adjusted to accommodate the most commonly used trailer types.

The “two boom” system has been designed to avoid fouling the hook block and chains, which will typically impede an operative moving from one end of the load to the other.

The design allows the operative to return to the platform, cross safely to the second boom and clip on before completing slinging of the load ready for hoisting.

PCE, which specialises in the design and construction of hybrid concrete structures, designed Slingsafe with its own operations primarily in mind, but sees significant potential for the system throughout the construction sector and across other industries.