VW dealership update 3: GT Slabs

Robust and high speed construction

The GT Slabs flooring solution minimises structural depth and does not require any onsite structural topping compared to other precast concrete systems: this results in a structural weight saving of approximately 3.5 tonnes per car parking space. No structural screed is required.

This project will culminate in the provision of an all-new state-of-the-art VW dealership in Brentford. It follows an intensive design period in which PCE Ltd has brought together all the key disciplines in a single source solution.


Focus: GT Slabs

PCE patented floor units offering spans of 16m with pre-formed soffits and top running surface to a high specification. Offering outstanding finishes, speed of construction and a robust solution.


The overall scheme will involve the installation of approximately 1,500 precast concrete units.

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