The "seemingly endless" advantage of precast concrete

Huge improvement in operational efficiencies and quality

Precast concrete presents huge advantages in the area of contemporary construction, according to a recent report on the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) website.


The article, by Mark Crawford, highlights five significant types of benefit that are provided by precast hybrid construction, namely:

  1. Superior quality (being manufactured in a controlled environment)
  2. Time and money saving (components being cast from the same mold)
  3. More creative and aesthetically pleasing options are available
  4. Less on-site labour is required
  5. And a considerable reduction in project build time is achieved.


"The advantages of precast concrete in today’s construction environment are seemingly endless."


Mr Crawford provides two key case studies in the article - one of which features a recent PCE Ltd project, a prestigious Volkswagen dealership in West London. Precast modular boxes formed the frame of the car park area, reducing both construction time and preventing health and safety issues. The GT Slab flooring solution which were utilised as a key element of the project minimised structural depth and did not require any onsite structural topping compared to other precast concrete systems. The article quotes Nickie Brown, managing director of PCE, who said “This results in a structural weight saving of approximately 3.85 tons per car parking space.”

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