Two St Peter’s Square update 4 - safe installation of precast concrete components

Ensuring the accuracy of fit

Construction of Two St Peter's Square by PCE Ltd rapidly nearing completionThe erection of 470 architecturally finished precast components as part of the construction the Manchester based project for which Laing O’Rourke are the Main Contractor.


PCE’s expertise in the safe installation of such units, coupled with their understanding of ensuring the accuracy of fit and maintaining the tight tolerances of construction needed have ensured that the architect's desired visual appearance has been met.


About the architects

According to the Simpson Haugh and Partners website"The underlying themes of urban renewal, sustainability and design excellence unite an otherwise diverse range of building functions and solutions. Similarly, the completed work demonstrates that the practice’s regeneration objectives are equally valid whether applied to new buildings or to existing historic structures."


St Peter’s field

In the late 18th century the area was known as St Peter’s field on the southern edge of what was then Manchester. As Manchester developed and set the pace of change during the Industrial Revolution the area soon became the focus of the town’s intellectual and cultural activity culminating with the Central Library and Town Hall Extension being built in the late 1930’s. The 21st Century vision for St Peter’s Square by Manchester City Council is for it to be a world –class-defining component in Manchester’s Civic and new business Quarter.

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