Reinforced precast concrete tree planters installed in Birmingham

Three suspended tree pit planters for Paradise development

PCE Ltd have commenced the installation of three suspended tree pit planters constructed in reinforced precast concrete at the Paradise development in Birmingham. Each of the planters is suspended at podium level 1 which forms the public realm access area. The planters are constructed from three segments which, when erected, will form a container for approximately 24m³ of planting material to sustain the growth of two trees and other planting foliage.

Precast concrete units

The three precast concrete units of each planter when erected, form a single precast pit with overall external dimensions being 8.06m long, 3.73m wide and 1.64m in height - weighing a total of 48 tonnes prior to being filled. The planters have been designed by PCE to be supported on the hybrid structural frame that they are constructing on a design and build basis for main contractor Carillion. [caption id="attachment_10228" align="alignnone" width="695"]Artists impression of precast concrete planter Artist's impression of a precast concrete planter at Paradise, Birmingham[/caption]

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