Precast Stafford car park now fully operational

Offsite engineered structure overcomes location challenges

The design and build solution arrived at by PCE Ltd for the 14 split level multi-storey car park, provided 1,032 car parking spaces and featured a total suspended floor area of 27,700m².

The redevelopment of Stafford Town Centre gave PCE another opportunity to demonstrate proven capability in providing offsite engineered structural solutions by using in-house developed systems. The work was undertaken on behalf of Main Contractor Simons Group Ltd whose client was Staffordshire County Council.


The resultant design led to the extensive use of the PCE GT flooring system, with 877 GT units being used providing 21,757m² of the suspended floor area. GT units are wet cast 400mm deep, with the final floor finish being formed during casting as they  require no insitu concrete structural topping, giving significant savings with regards total weight of concrete used, reduced site deliveries and programme savings.


For the Stafford MSCP this alone equates to a saving in concrete use of approximately 3,500 tonnes compared to other precast long span flooring options.


Nickie Brown, Managing Director PCE:

"PCE’s expertise with multi-storey car park projects including flexibility in design approach, the manufacturing  of all components to our stringent quality requirements, and expertise in erecting large structures subject to complex site conditions enable us to undertake projects of this size with complete confidence."


PCE Contiframe concepts have been used in the design of the structure including the casting of pairs of columns and the beam supported by them as single unit portals, with 133 of these being used. This has again significantly reduced the erection programme. Precast boxes weighing up to 18 tonnes each have provided rapid construction of the lift and stair cores which will provide frame structural stability.

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