Bracknell update 9 - precast "making a complex structure easy"

Offsite car park ramp the perfect solution

PCE Ltd have been working in co-operation with main contractor MACE on the construction of the Lexicon, Bracknel. The 40 week onsite programme began at the end of November.

Offsite production of precast concrete units also began at the same time, on the joint venture between Legal and General and Schroders along with Bracknell Forest Council.


Focus on the offsite manufactured car park ramp

Nickie Brown, Managing Director, PCE:

"The image of the ramp structure highlights how the project team have made a complex structure easy"


One of the most interesting aspects of the project has been the car park access ramp for the 1,300 space multi-storey car park, which was entirely designed and built by PCE. The ramp was constructed offsite utilising PCE's own developed products and techniques. Problems presented by the limited space available on site have been circumnavigated by the need for far fewer people onsite that would have been required when using more outdated methodology. 

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