Bracknell update 11 – precast concrete unit number 3353 on site!

Final offsite constructed element arrives at the Lexicon

Quite a significant moment at the Lexicon, Bracknell as the final offsite produced precast unit is manoeuvred into place.

The Bracknell Regeneration Partnership, a 50:50 joint venture partnership between Legal and General and Schroder UK Real Estate Fund along with Bracknell Forest Council is investing over £240million to transform Bracknell Town Centre into an exciting 1 million square foot shopping and leisure destination. The high end facility will feature a 1,300 space multi-storey car park designed and built by PCE Ltd.


Reduction of required construction time

This is the third consecutive car park structure contract for PCE that has involved the construction of adjoining retail space. Over 24,000m2 of PCE developed prestressed concrete GT long span flooring units have been produced and installed during the lifetime of the project. The resulting benefits of the offsite approach are fourfold:

  1. A huge reduction of on site construction times
  2. A significant reduction of the depth of structure
  3. A large decrease in the number of erection lifts
  4. A big drop in the required amount of follow-on trades.


There is no insitu structural topping required and the units arrive to site on a just in time basis with a factory applied anti slip finish.

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