Precast concrete underground access shafts

Costain and Skanska commission precast shafts in London

PCE's expertise in installing lift shafts has been harnessed for a major project to "rewire London" by installing precast concrete access shafts underground at a series of locations.

A recent  Finsbury Park project involved PCE's team installing stair shafts 38 metres below ground, for the project to route main power cables in a series of underground tunnels under the capital on behalf of main contractors Costain and Skanska.


Precast concrete boxes

Precast box units were used to form the stair shafts prior to the installation of stairs and landings giving access to the cable ducts. Each access shaft comprises approximately 24 to 25 boxes. PCE was also responsible for fixing steel restraint straps, securing the structure within the inner lining of the circular main shaft. Steelwork was installed out of a MEWP or mobile elevated working platform. To date PCE has completed installations at St. Johns Wood, Finsbury Park and Eade Road, Haringey. Further works are due to be undertaken at other shafts at Hackney, St. Pancras, Wimbledon and Earls Court.

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