PCE’s kit of parts approach to the Exo-skeleton structure

Manufacture of Lodge Road Exo-skeleton components

Manufacture of the architectural structural Exo-skeleton for PCE’s HybriDfMA Bespoke System solution for the Central & Cecil Housing Trust  development at Lodge Road for property developer  Regal London is over 60% complete.


The Exo-skeletons are of Hybrid construction with 234 offsite engineered precast reconstructed stone columns and beams having integral structural steel beams cast in to support prefabricated balconies. This approach removes multiple trades, reduces the risk of working at height, simplifies the interfaces with the building and significantly improves ease of connectivity, whilst providing the highest quality of finish, and most importantly enhanced value to the client.


Further design and technical details on this advanced engineered HybriDfMA solution can be found in the report Innovative approach to architectural precast concrete Exo-skeletons.

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