PCE’s HybriDfMA Bespoke System approach

Design considerations for Lodge Road façades

Detailed design using the latest digital applications and controls by PCE Ltd’s Design Team forms part of PCE’s HybriDfMA Bespoke System approach for this complex project, which will ensure the requisite structural and visual requirements are met and exceeded for property developer Regal London’s Central and Cecil Housing Trust housing development – Lodge Road, in St. John’s Wood, London.


North and South Elevations

The North and South Elevations consist of vertical precast brick and reconstructed stone finished precast concrete mullions that have full depth architecturally finished returns providing the framing for the windows and door access from the apartments to the feature balconies. Precast concrete spandrel units cast with a reconstructed stone finish provide the horizontal band features above and below the windows, wrapping around each elevation of the façade at varying levels. An integral part of these two architectural façade elevations is the provision by PCE of architectural finished structural exoskeletons formed from over 200 offsite manufactured components. The structural exoskeletons and spandrel bands have been designed to incorporate the integrated feature balcony support connections and ventilation ducts cast within them to service each apartment with fresh air whilst still achieving the required continuous architectural façade.


East and West Elevations

The East and West elevations consist of vertical precast concrete panels with a reconstructed stone bespoke textured finish. The pattern draws inspiration from St John’s Wood and its heritage as a leafy London suburb hence the organic nature of the pattern and seemingly randomised appearance across both these elevations.


PCE’s Senior Project Manager Craig Billyeald commented:

“In total over 1,000 architectural precast concrete units, designed using the latest technology and manufactured offsite to the highest quality will form the four architecturally stunning facades with environmental benefits that the use of the PCE HybriDfMA Systems Approach brings to construction.”
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