PCE People - Tony Taylor

Introducing Tony Taylor, IT & Applications Coordinator

Why did you join PCE?

Following the pandemic, I was looking for work and received a call from Olivia who at that time worked in HR for PCE. She explained the role and asked me if I would like to apply. I was an office manager with some IT experience. I really liked the thought of advancing my technical skills, especially in a construction environment that I have never worked in. It was a new and interesting challenge for me. I also was impressed with the way the company is so close-knit as well as being an EOT company.

Why do you still work for PCE?

Mainly because the job I was interested in and subsequently applied for continues to be interesting with new challenges every day and the opportunity to develop my knowledge in my area of expertise. I was not bluffed as has happened in the past when applying for positions. What was offered is what the job is, it has not morphed into something I did not expect. I was told about how friendly the company is and again I have found this to be true. I am surrounded by like minded people who strive to achieve the company’s aims but have fun whilst doing this. The company has some great people and I get on with all of them. I have found the company to be generous and recognises the effort staff put in and rewards those who go the extra mile. I also enjoy the variety moving between the sites and the head office each place having its own individual personalities.

What could we improve on at PCE?

Nothing I can think of.

What are you most proud of?

My happiest achievement is going from a rabbit in a head light – not knowing my place in the company, where the company plans to go and how I fitted into the journey to being a fully appreciated and useful member of the team. I get a kick out of helping people overcome issues in my area of responsibility. It feels good to make other staff members jobs easier.

Why is your role important to PCE?

PCE is a very technological, forward-thinking company that recognises the efficiencies to be gained by adopting the most up to date processes and systems. These systems and processes however, always require a person to co-ordinate them, get them where they are supposed to be, account for them and ensure that users have the correct knowledge to glean the efficiencies from the systems. They also need careful attention when they stop working as they should. The company already has an IT expert. I do not claim to be one of these, but I do have the ability and drive to get something fixed or set up even if it means tracking down the person with the right skills and setting them to the task. Whilst my skills are improving, I believe it’s my resolve to get things done that supplies the majority of my benefit to the company.

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