PCE People - Marcus Beeson

Introducing Marcus Beeson, Operations Plant Engineer

Why did you join PCE?

Well, I was out of work at the time as the company I worked for was on hold with a job due to the poor weather close to Christmas. I was approached by Nickie to help him do some work on his house he recently bought in the village I lived in. After working with him, he asked me if I fancied a job at PCE for couple of weeks until my job at the time started up again. That week I had an interview at head office and started in January 2015 and have been here ever since.

Why do you still work for PCE?

Well I’ve been here since 2015 so must be doing something right! Also, they have put me through a lot of training to upskill me within my roles I have had at PCE.

What are you most proud of?

I would say making the MTec machines work for how PCE imagined they were going to help the company going forward. There were many issues when first trying them, and a lot of issues made it hard as negativity against them was high and people did not like the change from the Putzmeister's as they are a good machine and worked well. I would also say seeing people who have worked with me move up the ranks and turn into good employees within the company as I knew they always had the potential.

What could we improve on at PCE?

I would say communication between management and their teams need some work. Also need to make sure we keep the family feel because this is important to PCE and we cannot let it drop.

Why is your role important to PCE?

If the plants and tools do not work to a high standard, the jobs do not run as smoothly and this brings more stress on to the site lads and managers as the delays effect the build I suppose. My role can also help when trying to produce new ideas or ways to make some of the machines we currently have work better or easier for the lads on site and cut down on time and money.

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