PCE People - Angela Aris

Introducing Angela Aris, Purchase Ledger Clerk

Why did you join PCE?

I joined PCE in Oct 2015 via a friend. This was a new experience for me as I had never worked in Accounts previously. It took a while to get used to sitting down all day, I had always been on my feet in previous jobs!

Why do you still work for PCE?

I enjoy the team spirit of PCE and although the Company is growing fast, the family feeling is always there. Sitting in the office downstairs you never know who might be in each morning. Most days are calm and quiet and then Friday arrives and its full of male testosterone, a few choice words and banter!

What are you most proud of?

I am proud of learning a totally new job. When my friend and fellow colleague left for pastures new it was a shock, I thought that maybe I would not be able to do the job without her support! But I’m still here! What could we improve on at PCE? A small improvement would be for managers to improve their understanding of the importance of authorising invoices on time for payment.

Why is your role important to PCE?

My role as Purchase Ledger Clerk is important because if invoices are not processed on time, the external companies we use would not get paid on time and therefore important equipment/items we need for site would be placed on stop.

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