PCE marks International Women's Day

A day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women

Sunday 8th March 2020 marked International Women's Day, a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

This year's theme is #EqualforEqual and aims to end gender bias worldwide. It was brilliant to see the women and men of PCE at head office and around our sites getting involved, spreading the #EqualForEqual message. We took this opportunity to raise awareness of the achievements of the women at PCE and asked for their thoughts on working in the construction industry:


Question: What’s your biggest/proudest achievement to date at PCE (or in your career) and why?

"I have 21 years’ experience in construction and been involved in some massive projects which have been challenging. I have seen Document Control develop as an important role within the construction industry and within PCE. I have come from issuing paper drawings by post to contractors in the early days to online web-based systems. Being involved in the improvements made here at PCE have been a great achievement and continues to be so." (Pat Document Controller) "After working my way to my position and being in my previous post for 12 years when I was offered the post and then passed the probation period I was proud of this because I felt that I was recognised as having skills that PCE value." (Jayne Process & Quality Compliance Coordinator) "Having only just joined the PCE team recently, my biggest achievement would be joining this company and being given the opportunity to learn new skills. I am settling in very well and I'm enjoying my current role." (Mollie Construction Administrator)


Question: How has PCE supported you with your career and development?

"I've received Coaching, I'm able to influence and make my own choices and decisions". (Claire Construction Administration and Training Coordinator) "I have always felt supported by PCE, whatever I have needed, be it internal training or attending an external training course to help me with my development, and in my day to day job/environment. No one is perfect and sometimes things don't go to plan but the focus/mentality always remains about how we can we make it better next time. Working in this kind of culture is very positive!" (Helen Sales & Estimating Administrator )"PCE allows me the opportunity to think outside the box and try and put things in place to support the business that it has not had the opportunity to do before - PCE invest in its people." (Hayley HR Manager)


Question: How have you found being a woman and working in construction?

"Once I have established my skills, I do not find being a woman makes any difference to my role in construction. I think if you work in an office environment in any industry my experience is that a woman is initially treated as an administrator or secretary until other skills are proven. But this is not specific to the construction industry." (Jayne Process & Quality Compliance Coordinator) "On the whole its great being a woman in construction. It is unfortunately still a man’s world. Women in senior positions are few and this needs to change with women taking on senior positions in the industry. Women perhaps don't see Construction as a great place to make a career. I enjoy working with men and on the whole, I believe I have their respect. If I was however in a senior role then maybe things would be different." (Pat Document Controller)"I have found working in construction very enjoyable and informative. I have always been treated equally and with respect on site and in office. I look forward to learning new things every day and improving my knowledge." (Mollie Construction Administrator)


Question: What would your advice be for women who are just starting out in the construction industry?

"You will learn so much about People and how hard everyone works! It's amazing!" (Claire Construction Administration & Training Coordinator )"Be yourself - construction industry or not, your behaviours, personality etc. make you who you are so that should not change - it only helps you to develop." (Hayley HR Manager) "Don't think that just because there is a push for women in construction, you can skate through. Learn your work and do a great job at it, get stuck in with as much as you can and don't give anybody a reason to doubt your skills!" (Helen Sales & Estimating Administrator)


A message from PCE's Managing Director Nickie Brown:

"I’ve been working in construction for over 22 years and over the last 5 years I've worked alongside more women in our industry than ever before, and I can happily say that it has been pleasing, refreshing and enjoyable and it’s great for our industry.

"I have a daughter who is 10 years old and I hear so many parents advising their children not to get into their industry, but I must state that I advise my daughter differently! My advice to my daughter is to get into our great industry, as there is so much opportunity for great people!"

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