PCE chosen as design and build specialist for Durham Constabulary’s new secure custody suite

PCE Ltd are delighted to once again work in partnership with Main Contractor Tilbury Douglas as the specialist design and build contractor for the secure custody suite at Durham Constabulary‘s new state-of-the-art Durham Investigative Hub. PCE worked with the wider design team consisting of project architects Ryder, and consulting engineers, Jasper Kerr.

The modern 48-cell custody suite, comprised of nearly 600 offsite manufactured elements, was designed, manufactured and built using a tailored variant of PCE’s HybriDfMA Secure Custody system, adapted to Durham Constabulary’s unique requirements. The project adds to the company’s growing portfolio of successful custodial project deliveries whilst continuing the successful working relationship between PCE and Tilbury Douglas, which follows the completion of Durham University’s Mount Oswald student accommodation development.


PCE’s HybriDfMA Secure Custody system, from which the adapted Durham Constabulary originates, is an offsite solution offering clients the benefits of a standardised ‘kit of parts’ package that comes together to create a custody suite compliant with all custodial NOMS to include Home Office custody design guidance, that is optimised, yet offers flexibility customisable to clients specific needs. In addition to the custody suite, PCE were responsible for the design and construction of the precast concrete facades to the charge suite, the associated office space, and affray corridors using high-quality insulated sandwich panels, as well as the installation of the cladding for both the main office and ancillary building.


The key to unlocking custody expertise

Over many years of continued success, PCE has built up extensive expertise and experience in the custodial sector. Using a continual improvement & lessons learned culture, providing value engineering, and innovative problem-solving, PCE has developed and refined its HybriDfMA Secure Custody system, a standardised approach to custody suite delivery offering clients an optimised solution for the design and installation of robust, efficient and secure custody suite solutions, achieved using a true Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) philosophy. Manufactured offsite and assembled onsite, this MMC approach delivers an exceptionally durable monolithic MMC category 2 superstructure, compliant with all custodial NOMS. Suites can be easily integrated into a variety of radial, linear, and custom layouts, with integrated M&E and security services securely cast in. The repeatable nature of the system ensures installation is not only safe, but rapid, with 12 cells plus ancillary spaces constructed per week, requiring a significantly reduced onsite workforce, a sizeable reduction in site deliveries, minimised waste, and reduced carbon through smart design.


In addition to the significant system benefits, the offsite manufacturing approach also ensure factory quality in a controlled environment, producing exceptionally high levels of quality control and predictability throughout production. Furthermore, the structural solution benefits from state-of-the-art technology and a unique digital platform which produce an interactive 3D 'digital twin', allowing for real-time Bluetooth tracking of each individual component, from design conception to manufacturing and onsite installation, creating highly detailed digital tracking and contributes to the golden thread of information. With complete transparency, clarity, and predictability throughout the entire offsite design, manufacture, and onsite installation, the Secure Custody System is an innovative, efficient and reliable solution to custody suite delivery that accelerates programme, reduces costs and guarantees quality.

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