Optimised assembly for timeless restoration

PCE Ltd were delighted to have been appointed as specialist contractors for the design, manufacture, and construction of the £110m refurbishment of the iconic Covent Garden landmark building, Space House.

The sustainably-driven Space House rejuvenation project saw PCE once again work with Main Contractors BAM Construction, on behalf of London-based real estate developer Seaforth Land, bringing new life to the landmark Grade II listed building in Covent Garden, London. Using its innovative HybriDfMA Bespoke system, PCE designed and delivered the structural solution for the new cruciform units to Level 15 & 16 and re-installed the refurbished roof T units at Levels 16 & 17.


The modular nature of PCE’s HybriDfMA system build approach ensures construction of the highest efficiency, quality, and control. The Space House project demonstrated just how effective this approach is, showcasing what can be achieved with minimal resource, reduced environmental impact, and vastly reduced logistical disruption.


The project saw the removal, repair, and reinstallation of Space House’s existing top layer, plus the introduction of levels 15 and 16, requiring the offsite manufacture of 48 reinforced precast concrete cruciform components. The manufactured elements, replicating the original 1965 cruciform components with great detail and accuracy, were then connected to the structures existing components using PCE’s HybriDfMA Bespoke system’s ‘smart connectivity’, aiding in the ease, efficiency, speed, and quality of installation. 


Throughout all phases of the structural solution, attention to detail was pivotal to ensuring success. With a fastidious design solution and high level, in-depth quality assurance and control, the PCE team ensured everything came together with assured precision. Drawing on its expertise in modular construction and standardized methodologies, PCE were able to diligently map out the safest, fastest, and most efficient installation plan, with a well-considered, predetermined strategy ensuring assembly adhered strictly to design drawings and content, whilst navigating logistical complexities.


Given the tricky location of the build, logistical constraints and how to manage them were high on the agenda. PCE are no strangers to inner city builds where site layouts are significantly restricted, traffic is vast, and residents and pedestrians surround the site in their masses. Extensive experience delivering superstructures within these constraints aided PCE’s meticulous planning and preparation; the project team were well prepared and well equipped to execute the plan with precision and minimal disruption, achieving a just-in-time delivery schedule with just one load per day, minimizing site stacking and storage.


PCE were able to complete the construction phase of Space House with just 4 multiskilled operatives, delivering each level in only 2 weeks whilst recording 0 incidents, despite the challenges of operating at 15 storeys high in London’s busy Covent Garden district and working with a difficult 3D circular geometry. Installing with such speed, accuracy, and quality demonstrates what can be achieved when effectively utilizing standardized, refined construction techniques, high-level planning, and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) methodologies.


Whilst a complex challenge, the Space House project is what drives PCE. The opportunity to combine experience and expertise to achieve the difficult in a practical, simplified, efficient and effective manner is testament to PCE’s innovative system build approach, whereby MMC, modular methodologies, and smart connectivity are used to ensure success of the highest quality and greatest efficiency.    

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