Leeds University update 3 - the Offsite engineered Hybrid structure approach

Sir William Henry Bragg Building

PCE Ltd's multi-skilled workforce is making good progress with construction of their HybriDfMA structural frame system for The Sir William Henry Bragg Building, a Leeds University laboratory project, overcoming the challenging site access restraints, where BAM Construction is the main contractor. 


With the composite insitu and precast wall internal lining of the basement now complete construction of the ground floor structure is well underway. The Offsite engineered Hybrid structure approach uses a range of different structural components including hot rolled and Delta Beam steel sections, insitu concrete and precast concrete components including columns, beams, twin-wall and 175mm thick pre-stressed concrete floor units with channels cast in for secondary fixing of Mechanical and Electrical services. Using its holistic Digital approach for planning and designing of the ground floor structure, PCE has enabled its construction around the complex temporary basement struts which will remain in place until the floor is fully constructed and structurally tied to the external basement contiguous piled wall, thus acting as a diaphragm to provide the necessary horizontal strutting forces.

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