2 Offsite Awards for PCE's contribution to Capella project in Cambridge

PCE named double winners working in partnership with Kier

PCE Ltd has achieved success at the recent Offsite Awards in London for its work in partnership with Kier on the prestigious Capella Project.

PCE were named as winners in the following two categories:

  • Overall award - Winner of winners
  • Best use of concrete technology.

Never before had a bio-sciences research and development facility been constructed with the use of a precast:insitu offsite Hybrid methodology.

Project Capella was transformed from blank piece of paper to an enclosed building in 24 months. This success continues the highly effective working relationship with Kier, that also saw the team be outright winners of last year’s Offsite Awards with the BHR project.


Highly effective supply chain

PCE and Kier couldn’t have achieved this without the tremendous hard work, appreciation and quality requirements by PCE’s supply chain members.

Main project designers

Supply chain contributors

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