Manufacturing of offsite engineered precast concrete components

High quality offsite production for Lower Broughton car parks

Manufacture of the offsite engineered precast concrete components to be used in the construction of the two carparks for Phase 3 of Lower Broughton being developed by a partnership between Salford City Council and Countryside Properties is underway with over 500 units currently cast.

Extensive Quality Assurance procedures are an essential feature of PCE Ltd’s HybriDfMA approach during the design, manufacture and construction phases ensuring that the client’s and PCE’s expectations of high standards are continually maintained. With precast products being made at factories around the UK PCE’s Production Coordinators always carry out a planned rigorous quality control checking procedure on all precast units at every stage of their manufacture ahead of delivery to the construction site.

The PCE Quality Assurance procedures ensure that the full benefits of offsite production are achieved both during manufacture and storage with units upon delivery being installed into the structure on a ‘first lift’ basis thus reducing programme times, improving efficiency, health and Safety aspects whilst reducing material wastage.


PCE’s Precast Coordinators include, amongst others, the following quality checks:

  • Overall tolerances of the mould, ensuring that the units are made to the specification size requirements thus preventing any construction issues due to lack of fit.
  • Reinforcement cage fabrication to ensure that it is as per the design and fabrication drawings, making sure that all requirements are met including correct fit into the mould to ensure specified concrete covers are achieved.
  • Cast in items including lifters, sockets, M&E requirements, etc are in the correct position, and adequately fixed to ensure no movement of them during the casting process
  • Overall aesthetic appearance is as the agreed visual quality required by the contract specification.
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