Lower Broughton update 2 - PCE’s Digital HybriDfMa approach

Featuring eight single storey podium decks

PCE Ltd has utilised it's HybriDfMA system build approach for the eight single storey podium decks for Countryside Properties' Lower Broughton residential project.

The Offsite Digital Engineering approach extensively incorporates 3D BIM modelling software to ensure design for fitment and efficient buildability principles to meet their client’s requirements including environmental considerations. 


Offsite engineered units

The offsite manufacture of the 910 structural precast concrete units required for the six apartment podium decks, utilising a varied supply chain, ensures production completed within a total duration of 21 weeks in line with onsite installation requirements. The apartment podium decks vertical structure consists of precast columns, supported off an in-situ foundation using columns shoes for quicker installation without the use of associated temporary propping works and precast solid walls forming the structural cores on each block to give stability to the frame. Spanning horizontally between these, is a series of precast edge and spine beams, which were designed with sockets cast in to allow for the installation of PCE’s Peri ‘Prokit’ handrail system fixed prior to erection to create a safe working platform during the installation of the floor plate.  150mm prestressed solid slabs, arriving to the site with preformed builders work penetrations to allow for quicker installation of onsite services, span between beams and walls which are then structurally tied together through a steel reinforced in-situ concrete topping, creating an overall 300mm deep composite slab. This in turn creates the ground floor level to allow for the installation of the timber superstructure frames by others.


The Lower Broughton residential development scheme is part of a 15-year regeneration project with a partnership between Salford City Council and Countryside Properties

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