Kingston University update 7 - concept becoming reality

Auditorium construction nearing completion

An interesting comparison can now be made between the concept drawing and latest photographs of the auditorium of the new Kingston University London Town House project.

The use of offsite manufacture is resulting in the enhanced quality of the completed building - and a faster on site build, with reduced vehicle movement requirements, than would otherwise have occurred thus reducing congestion for this busy area of Kingston. The new building when completed will act as the University's front door and offer a warm welcome to everyone including students, staff, alumni, as well as the local community and visitors from further afield. Kingston University appointed RIBA award winning Grafton Architects for their new landmark teaching building for their Penrhyn Road campus in Kingston Upon Thames. The six storey building will be the first U.K. Building for the Ireland based company, which has built up a prestigious international portfolio for their design capabilities for university statement buildings.


Three dimensional organisation

Grafton Architects provided further information about the project:

"The organisation makes a three-dimensional matrix, one singular complex space, which links the various elements of the brief to one another, while at the same time giving each its own identity and privacy. Spaces and uses interlock, overlap, connect physically or visually. This environment encourages collaboration and exchange."


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