Kingston University update 5 - precast concrete elements in auditorium

Advantages and efficiencies resulting from offsite construction

The auditorium of the new Kingston University Town House project near London is taking shape, as offsite manufactured precast concrete components are erected in what will be the facility's auditorium.

The use of offsite manufacture will lead to an enhanced quality of the completed building - and a faster on site build - with reduced vehicle movement requirements than would otherwise have occurred, thus reducing congestion for this busy area of Kingston. Using their in house design capabilities, PCE have applied state of the art 3D Modelling techniques to ensure that during the structural design process all of the offsite prefabricated precast concrete units are accurately detailed to achieve the desired minimisation of joint details and ease of manufacture to ensure safe and rapid construction.


Conceptual video

The video shows how the completed auditorium will look - being featured around 35 seconds into the presentation. Video courtesy of Kingston University.



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