Identifying PCE's carbon footprint reduction opportunities

The PCE Team’s sustainability approach to decarbonise concrete

PCE Ltd’s approach to participating in the Innovate UK project Decarbonising Precast Concrete was to bring together a team of 6 people from within the business with widely differing experience, knowledge and skill sets to maximise the input into the research carried out in conjunction with Akerlof, Forterra, Accelar and Curtins to map the embodied carbon within the existing Ministry of Justice secure accommodation designs and to identify opportunities to reduce their actual carbon footprint in the future.


Virtual meetings on a near weekly basis by the PCE team internally - as well as with the other project partners - enabled the sharing of knowledge and investigation of new ideas and techniques to ensure that the research would not only benefit future MOJ secure accommodation projects, but enable the company to also apply and further develop the outcomes to progress the minimisation of carbon footprints throughout all its future projects.


Garry Langston, PCE’s Pre-Construction Director has said:

"The PCE team has been enthusiastic in carrying out this project which is an important small step in the development processes that we are determined to progress so that all our HybriDfMA structural systems offer the best choice for our clients’ needs including the quest for a zero carbon build. During the research the team has called upon many others within our business for help, advice and their participation, thus engaging many across the company in this important endeavour."
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