HybriDfMA - the benefits of offsite Hybrid digital construction

Offsite engineered concrete, structural steelwork and insitu concrete

Specialist offsite design and build contractor PCE Ltd has developed a "unique offering" for its clients, which combines the benefits of offsite engineered concrete and structural steelwork along with insitu concrete - whilst enlarging the scope and effectiveness of BIM and digital construction throughout the process, according to a recent report in Offsite Magazine.

The article, by Simon Harold, Business Development Director at PCE, emphasises the emergence of BIM as more than just a 3D design and collaboration tool.

"BIM and digital construction (DC) is about collaboration through the manufacture and assembly stages also. BIM and DC are the tools and systems which allow the optimisation and efficiency of every delivery process and every activity."


The advantages of HybriDfMA

There are many issues regarding "traditional" RC concrete and structural steelwork frames wrote Mr. Harold. HybriDfMA has been developed to replace these ways of working - and the benefits, he says, are clear.

  • HybriDfMA systems are structurally more efficient
  • They provide greater co-ordination and flexibility with other building systems
  • They are cleaner, safer, quicker and more environmentally friendly.


The "Kit of Parts"

Combining the offsite approach with BIM - coupled with the digital age - has proved to be a perfect match says the report. PCE's model has achieved level 2 compliance when working with an impressive array of Tier 1 contractors. Systems and processes optimise efficiency with off and onsite delivery which "...creates much greater predicability and certainty around the design solution, enhances coordination and integration with the other stakeholders within the project, and maximises the benefits of DfMA." 


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The Kingston University Townhouse project

Kingston University appointed RIBA award winning Grafton Architects for their new landmark teaching building for their Penrhyn Road campus. PCE worked with Wilmott Dixon during the tender phase to develop an offsite fabricated Hybrid solution for the concrete frame, the majority of which is exposed and requires a high standard of finish with architectural finished concrete being used for 175 external mullion and spandrel panels and over 300 beams and columns.

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