Highly functional precast construction reduces on-site labour

Time and cost savings the result of reducing follow-on trades

PCE recognises the benefits of increasing the functionality of the precast product and ensuring that the levels of on-site labour and need for follow-on trades is minimised. 

The complexity of precast components can be increased by designing units to be cast as one at manufacture, which helps to reduce project programme time and speed up construction. With precast prison projects for example, integrated shower enclosures and services, cell grilles and fully glazed security window systems can be cast into the wall units. Heating mats in the floor units and other primary M&E provisions can also be installed at manufacture.


Eliminating on-site drilling

Where possible, connections for other trades can be designed in, eliminating on-site drilling, such as plastic blocks for connection to all riser doors and channels for fixing electrical trunking and riser modules. On-site, the permanent balustrade can be installed with the precast, negating the need for difficult metalwork installation later. When combined with the glazed window this greatly improves the dry envelope time and cuts the need for follow-on trades. Bespoke steel plates can be designed for riser and M&E connection pocket openings, being installed during precast operations to provide immediate protection.

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