Bracknell update 1 - GT long span floor units

The benefits of offsite hybrid construction

PCE Ltd worked in co-operation with main contractor MACE to secure the Bracknell project. Following MACE’s appointment, design work started in earnest, as well as offsite production of the precast units, to meet the 40 week onsite programme which commenced a couple of months ago.

The Lexicon Bracknell is the new name for a major town centre redevelopment being undertaken in Bracknell town centre by the Bracknell Regeneration Partnership, a joint venture between Legal and General and Schroders along with Bracknell Forest Council. Like the recently completed multi storey car park constructed by PCE for Stafford Town Centre, the structure is not just simply a car park as the retail space at the front is also part of the PCE design and build package. This is the third consecutive car park structure contract for PCE that has involved the construction of adjoining retail space.


GT long span flooring units

Over 24,000m2 of the PCE developed prestressed concrete GT long span flooring units are again being used to minimise on site construction times, reducing the depth of structure, number of erection lifts, and the amount of follow on trades as there is no insitu structural topping required and the units arrive to site on a just in time basis with a factory applied anti slip finish.


The offsite approach

The advantages of PCE’s offsite approach, utilising its own developed products and techniques, is once again leading the way in reducing town centre congestion and the number of people that would otherwise have been employed on site during the construction phase.

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