GT Slabs - for long span flooring applications

The GT Slabs flooring solution from PCE Ltd minimises structural depth and does not require any onsite structural topping compared to other precast concrete systems: this results in a structural weight saving of approximately 3.5 tonnes per car parking space.

These PCE patented floor units offer spans of up to 18m, with pre-formed soffits and top running surface to a high specification, provide outstanding finishes, speed of construction and a robust solution.


Key elements on this video:

  • GT Slabs are designed for use in long span applications such as car parks
  • GT flooring units can span up to 18m - and be in excess of 2m wide
  • Precast units are manufactured off site, in environmentally controlled conditions
  • The units are prestressed
  • The top surface is finished prior to the concrete hardening and the required degree of slip resistance is applied
  • GT flooring units are designed and installed without the need for any onsite inset toppings, resulting in a saving of up to 3.5 tonnes per car parking space compared to other systems
  • Factory finished units enable rapid construction
  • GT Slabs provide a robust solution offering outstanding finishes and speed of construction.
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